Wednesday, September 19, 2007

While You're At It...

If you have an encouraging card laying around there is another girl- 19 years young who is battling cancer and needs lots of encouragement to start another round of treatment- something she seems unwilling to do. Her name is Anne. I know I've already asked you to send one card and I know there are many more stories out there similar to these two. But, hey.... it doesn't hurt to ask. You can read a little about Anne here. And here is her address:
Anne Murray
192 Metcalfe
Garson, ON P3L1L4
I will be sending a card. Will you?
If someone from the US can confirm this info, I'd be grateful, but I THINK it takes an extra .17 cents to mail a normal sized card to Canada via first class.
Blessings~ Angel

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