Friday, September 7, 2007

Cool Stuff

I am going to add a new feature in my sidebar called "Cool Stuff". It will be sites that I would normally add to my favorites on my computer so I remember to go back and look at them later... websites I find intriguing or special.
Did I just make a short explanation long or what?
Anyway.... the first one is a site I came across today called Sky Blue Pink. This site is COOL! They refer to themselves as "The Land of Cool Collage Stuff" and boy, are they! Watch parts, stamps, neat envelopes, game pieces, fibers, charms, books, playing cards.... you name it. Their prices look very reasonable (I wish I weren't on a spending freeze!) and they even offer gift wrapping and secret sister shipping. (How I wish I had a secret sister.) They have lots of one-0f-a-kind items so I am sure their inventory is ever-changing. If you are looking for collage materials, doo-dads or just plain cool stuff, check 'em out!
I feel like stamping.....


Landstoken said...

keep on playing for the can still win even if you already won once :)

Rose Ann said...

This sounds very cool. TFS!

emily said...

thanks for the kind words on my blog! i've checked out yours quite a few times (found it during a weekend sketch challenge from beate)...i look forward to checking it more often! have a great day!!

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

Thanks for the tip on Sky Blue Pink -- just put in an order and mentioned your blog. Seems like an awesome place for all sorts of things. The prices are very good, too.