Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm so sorry I haven't gotten to this sooner. I was tagged a couple of times recently and I just haven't had time to think of 7 things about me you may not know. I am pretty boring! So, I will try to do it now...
1. I have lost about 77 pounds in the last couple of years (more than that if you count how many times I gained a few back and lost them's a lifelong struggle!)
2. I have 2 sons who both feel called to the ministry and are attending Bible College this fall and my DD wants to be a teacher. (2 preachers and a teacher)
3. All 3 of my babies were born premature.....Jake was the smallest and weighed only over 2 pounds at birth. (in 1986)
4. My toes do not touch eachother....looks weird.
5. I have a Webkinz monkey named Peach (butterfly1107 is my screenname and I love to send KinzPost presents!)
6. We just moved to Georgia this year, but will have to move again next summer. And I was just starting to love boiled peanuts!
7. All of the rooms in my home have to have a "theme". Roosters in the kitchen, leaves and ferns in the bathroom, Cabin feel in the guest room, DD's room is B&W, etc.
Now to tag some of my military stamping peers..... Tracy at Misplaced Texans, Nikki at Military Wife Stampin Spot, Laura at The Stampin Soldier, and Suzanne at Just a Bunch of Nothin. Play only if you want to, ladies!


Sharon in NE said...

Good for you losing all that weight!! I lost 80 lbs many years ago. (Actually I was obese growing up until I was 20 then decided to get rid of the weight.) I've kept it off since I changed my attitude about food. (I think of it as fuel now not my friend.) But the weight loss and keeping it off is clearly by the Grace of God.

SB said...

I am HONORED to be tagged. I responded on my blog. I lived in AL for 2 years (loved the BBQ, but didn't care for the area) can you eat BOILED P'NUTS?? It's like paste...!
Congrats on that weight loss. That is awesome!

Jan Scholl said...

what do boiled peanuts taste like? I am a peanut butter fiend-I make my own but never heard of boiled ones.