Monday, June 25, 2007

It's an Inspirational Challenge

White narrow organdy unopened spool. I have ONE person in the drawing for it. Surely you are not going to let Cheryl just run away with it. Well, if Cheryl gets it, she is getting the little envelope of goodies that goes along with it. I took a picture for you to see.
I have also included some flowers, primas, skeleton leaves, tags and cancelled postage stamps from all over. I started adding a few things to the envelope and then decided maybe more of you would play if you could see what you're playing for. And it's really not that hard. Look at the tag here. Then post a link or email me a pic so I can see what this clothing tag inspired you to create. You'll see my card is in the post that follows this begging, pleading email.
Do I sound like a whiney 6 year old? "Mommy, nobody wants to play with me!!!"
Show me some love, sisters!
Tomorrow I think I can finally post the wedding invitations. I waited until they were in the mail and ours arrived today! YEAH!


Michelle said...

I'm working on mine!
(wow, what a slave-driver)
Just kidding! LOL!

Michelle said...

I added my link in the original thread!